The Fashionista’s Debt

Is it just me or is the costs of higher education seemingly impossible to pay? There’s nothing worse than being “college broke” and I think every student attending university knows what that term means. Attending college is not a cheap experience and I regret not thinking about that before heading to class. As a high school senior, I only thought about becoming a grown up and taking on the world by myself, but with what money?? There are ways to fill your piggy bank while investing thousands on the degree you need.

It’s all about planning and budgeting. Now, I’m sitting here writing this article with less than 500 dollars in my checking account and a whole lot of college loans, but no worry. I have pretty good advice for you, so you don’t end up in a similar situation. The first step is to save your money. I mean don’t spend money on unnecessary things like that super cute dress at your favorite store when you have a similar dress hanging in your closet with the price tag still attached. I can proudly say that I am guilty of that! Anyway, timing comes into play with saving up. Start throwing all your cash into a bank account before college. Trust me; you will thank yourself later for this one. When college comes around and you are stepping into the best years of life, keep saving. Don’t be tempted to throw away what you have put time and effort into saving.

Another element to paying for college is scholarships, scholarships and scholarships. Free money! All you have to do is fill out an application or write an essay or attend an interview. It’s better than paying back loans with high interest five years down the road. Applying for scholarships can happen before and throughout your college career, so use it to your best advantage! I personally like to find most of my scholarship opportunities, but don’t limit your chances to one search engine. Google every possible scholarship related or not related to your college direction. My current major is journalism but, I also search fashion, business, art, blogging, etc. You never know what you might find. Most importantly, apply for as many as you can!

Sometimes your savings and scholarship money runs out and you have to turn towards student loans. Before doing so, make sure you research who you are borrowing money from, how much you really need and plan ahead for future payments after attending school is over. Always check the interest amount and if it increases over time. It’s never a bad thing to plan ahead. Don’t be too afraid to ask questions. Talk to your family members and financial aid counselors at your prospective school to make sure student loans are the right choice for you.

I hope my money advice helps you save on your college tuition. Never let money stop you from following your career dreams either. There are always opportunities out there; you just have to find them. Work hard and never stop chasing what you believe in. Now excuse me as I take my own advice and apply for scholarships!

Credits // Preview image from Tumblr

Emily LaRoe Magazine

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