The Truth About Blogging

Before I even thought about adventuring into the world of blogging, I did some research on creating and maintaining a website. I found information on how to schedule blogging into your life, how to make money being a blogger and how to find creative blog post ideas. Consistently running and updating a website has its perks and consequences. Here’s the truth about blogging.

Blogging is like a second job. You have to take time out of your day to create content that readers are going to want to view and interact with. Although it may feel like a second job sometimes, you don’t have to make blogging an every day thing. I post on my magazine Monday through Friday. Giving myself two days a week of blogging freedom. This way, I don’t feel as pressured to work on it every day and I can keep myself interested in creating pieces for my readers.

Blogging takes patience and planning. Every week, I plan out what I’m going to publish for the rest of the month. Then, I break it down even further into detail on what I’m going to post for the current week. Since I have set categories such as fashion and beauty, it makes it a little easier to plan my articles. I like to change things up by appling different ideas and topics to every post. I try not to post too many ideas under one category to keep things fresh and unique.

Owning a blog does not automatically mean you are going to make money or be sent free things. You have to work for it. Join affiliate programs, reach out to brands and apply for collaborations. Another aspect of being a blogger that you have to fit into your schedule.

Being a website owner, I have definitely changed my life style to fit the big idea of my online magazine. I’m constantly thinking about what to create next and observing everything around me for ideas. For all the time and energy that is spent on my magazine, I can gladly say it’s worth it and that’s the truth! 

Emily LaRoe Magazine

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