Yeah, Whatever!

When people say confidence is key, you should believe them. But being okay with yourself is not always easy. There are a few ways to help release the negative energy and become the most positive person you can be. 

Comparing yourself to other people can be a bad habit. In some way, you are going to be different from each and every person. It gives us the opportunity to convey ourselves as individuals. Express your uniqueness!
 Forget about being negative. Don’t weigh yourself down with bad thoughts. Every day, you should look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are you. No one else has the chance to be you. Flaunt it!
 Nobody is perfect. Not even the super models or famous artists. We’re all human here! All you can do is pick yourself right back up and try again. Mistakes are merely a lesson.
 Who cares what they said about you? Who cares what they are going to think? Being undefinable means the words of other people don’t matter because you already have a definition for yourself that is limitless and powerful.
 Sometimes all you need is a little change and miracles start to happen. Change your hair color, get your nails done or pick up a new hobby. Change your look, your routine, your thought process and you’ll start to see the difference!
 This is so important. Give yourself some quality time. It’s more rewarding than you think! Go out to lunch by yourself or pick up a book and head to a park bench near you. It’s simply just to recollect your thoughts, so you can be a better you.

 Follow your dreams and never ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! If someone does deny your abilities, prove them wrong. Life is about chasing your desires. Do what makes you happy. Not what makes other people happy.
 Make a list of goals, short term and long term. Pick one and get started today! There’s no time to wait. The satisfaction of accomplishing a goal you’ve set will be unbelievably rewarding.

Emily LaRoe Magazine

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