Finding Your Inner Style

Creating a recognizable and unique style can be a challenge, but there are a few things you can do to find clarity in your sense of fashion. Most importantly, don’t doubt yourself and your cabability to uncover and develop your style. Discovering your inner fashionista consists of three elements: past, present and future.

Take a look at outfits you put together in the past. Reflect on previous clothes and accessories that you paired together. Consider the design of the clothing, specific styles and common elements in your wardrobe. Don’t worry too much about exact details, many peoples’ style changes from time to time. Write a list of colors, patterns, prints and brands that appear more than once in your closet.

Figuring out a common pattern in your past ensembles helps you to figure out what you’re most comfortable with and the directions you can take while entering the art of fashion. It also helps you discover what you still have yet to try. Now consider present time and what inspires you daily. List style icons, specific fashion trends and anything inspirational to you. Include styles you would like to try such as minimalist, sporty, glamorous, etc. By collecting these ideas in one space, you can start to generalize your desired style. 

Finally, think about the future. The future mainly has to do with occasions which you will attend. Where you will be going on a daily basis can affect your style. For example, your outfits to attend class Monday through Thursday are going to be different from what you wear to go partying with your friends on Friday. Each event you write down on your calendar is going to shift the dynamics of your style. Make notes of the different affairs you most commonly go to and some functions you would like the  opportunity to attend.

It helps to see everything that goes into defining who you are in one place. Eventually, you’ll be able to take this information and express it through clothes and accessories. Style is about trial and error. Fashion has an infinite amount of creativity and self-expression. Taking characteristics such as your previous outfits, your inspirations and your schedule and meshing it into your signature looks is how you can find your inner vogue. Most importantly, be yourself and your style will come to you effortlessly. 

Credit // preview image from Pinterest

Emily LaRoe Magazine

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