Library Love

It’s kind of funny and ironic how I am not too passionate about investing time and money into school, but I am infatuated with any library. It’s a place full of words, ideas and imagination. I can’t really explain the connection, but I love walking through every single aisle, running my fingers over hundreds of books in hope of one calling my name. I judge a book by its cover. It has to be intriguing and sparking. I choose books that relate to my life or help me gain something. I tend to read books that are unique, rebellious and complicated. Whenever I’m in a library, I feel like I’m in a different world. A world full of stories  and information just waiting to be soaked up and thought about. I received a new member card from my local library yesterday. After searching every shelf in the building, I walked out with six books. Currently I’m reading Wreck and Order, a novel by Hannah Tennant-Moore. Amy Hempel’s review of the book couldn’t describe this story any better, “Strong and vulnerable, wise and reckless, a young woman made happy by the right and wrong things…” So far, this novel is extremely intriguing and quenching my thirst of a damn good read. What books have you dived into lately? Are you currently indulging in a can’t-stop-reading novel? Let’s chat in the comments below! 

Emily LaRoe Magazine

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